Transom Windows Add Style & Light Above Doors

Posted on: September 29th, 2017 by admin

transom windows LongmontTransom windows, which are installed above the top of a doorframe or larger window, have been around for seven centuries! Evidence from 14th Century European buildings indicate that this structural detail was used functionally for ventilation. Although this architectural detail has not been popular in the last few decades, transom windows are again being appreciated by architects and builders. If you would like to add a transom window for style or to increase natural light, Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont has a wide variety of options and can quickly install this stylish detail in your home or business.


Transom Windows FAQs

  • Also known as “transom lights”
  • Height ranges from a few inches to a couple feet
  • Usually rectangular for interior doorways
  • Typically arched, aka fanlights, for exterior entries
  • Start at $100 for non-operable vinyl, wood or aluminum frames
  • Cost increases for ventilated options or more detailed designs


When considering adding a transom window to an interior space, reminds us that the structural requirements will play a critical role in your decision. For standard eight-foot ceilings, your choices will be limited to narrow models; whereas, high ceilings can accommodate taller designs. Also, installation will be simpler in non-load bearing walls than load-bearing walls which might lead to opening up bigger sections for additional support. And if installing a transom window in an exterior wall, the additional step of weatherproofing will also be necessary.


After deciding that adding a transom window is feasible for your space, then comes the fun part of choosing your design! There are countless options available and sure to be one that compliments your building’s architecture as well as your personal decorating style.


Transom Window Styles

Arts and Crafts: diamond patterns

Tudor: diamonds and/or triangles created with X’s

Federal: sweeping curves and arches

Stained glass: geometric or natural designs


Contact the experts at Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont for ideas on how transom windows can add beauty and function to your home or business!

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