Transform Your Bathroom with a Glass Tub Enclosure

Posted on: February 3rd, 2017 by admin

tub enclosures LongmontAre you tired of moving the shower curtain in and out whenever you want to take a shower or bath? Installing a glass door or wall as a tub enclosure is not only more convenient but also much more aesthetically pleasing. The professionals at Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont are very knowledgeable on all types of tub enclosures to help in your purchasing decision, and they also have the experience to install it seamlessly.


Choices in Tub Enclosures

Door Type: Sliding, or bypass, doors make the most sense if your bathroom is tight on space and you want the entire area enclosed. If you are comfortable with the area at the end remaining open, a short glass wall or pivoting doors are also available. Pivot doors are usually curved at the top and hinged to a stationary glass panel attached to the wall. They provide a bit more coverage than just a glass wall, and eliminate the potential challenge of cleaning between overlapping panels.

Frame Type: If an unobstructed, sleek aesthetic is your top priority, then frameless enclosures are the best option. However, semi-frameless and framed enclosures come in a wide variety of styles and finishes that may also provide the simple look you desire, and at a much lower cost.

Glass Style: To add some textural interest, and/or privacy, there are many types of patterned glass to choose from, such as etched, frosted, pebbled and rain.

Handle Style: Another consideration to take into account is whether you’d prefer the minimal hardware of a knob or vertical grip, or the convenience of a horizontal handle.

Finish: If you decide to go with a framed or semi-frameless door, then you will probably want to match the finish to the other hardware in your bathroom. Options for finishes include chrome, nickel, bronze, brass, gold and even white!


Replacing your shower curtain with a glass tub enclosure will instantly add elegance to your bathroom, and is a feature that future buyers would be sure to notice. If you are ready to transform your bathroom with a new tub enclosure, the experts at Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont would be glad to discuss your options, and help with installation. Call us today to get started with this simple yet impressive home update!

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