Installing a Skylight or Solar Tube in Longmont

Posted on: December 29th, 2016 by admin

Skylight Solar Tube LongmontDuring these short days of winter, you may be wondering how to bring more daylight into your home- adding a skylight or solar tube may be exactly what you’re looking for! Not only does opening up your ceiling to the sky give your mood a lift, but it also can increase energy efficiency. Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont installs Velux skylights and sun tunnels, and has the experience to ensure every step of the process goes smoothly.


Adding a Skylight vs. a Solar Tube

  • Skylights are offered in a wide variety of sizes, and are either fixed or vented. The size options and having the ability to open a skylight is the main advantage over a light tube.
  • Solar tubes, light tubes or sun tunnels bring daylight into a room by bouncing it down a reflective pipe. They work best in rooms where the ceiling is significantly below the roof. They have a smaller impact area but can also be combined with lighting fixtures to light the same area at night.

When deciding what type of skylight to put in, Velux has a great tool to help you visualize how your space will look with different options. Click here to use their Daylight Visualizer free software.

Installing a window to the sky is a great way to bring light into your home without having to consider privacy issues, which is especially helpful if you have close neighbors! Since this project involves roof work, it is especially important to hire a professional with attention to detail to prevent leaks and guarantee proper insulation for the highest energy efficiency. The experts at Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont have the knowledge to guide your purchase of a high quality skylight or solar tube, and the experience to install it for maximum lighting and energy efficiency.

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