Ideas for Where to Install New Kitchen Windows in Longmont

Posted on: July 12th, 2016 by admin

kitchen windows LongmontYou spend so much time in the kitchen, the last thing you want it to be is a dark and dreary space.  Consider installing new kitchen windows with the professionals at Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont- we have a wide selection of high quality options and guarantee excellent customer service Below are five ideas of where to place a kitchen window, gathered from this Houzz article written by Jennifer Ott, Interior Designer.


5 Placement Ideas for Kitchen Windows

  1. Over the sink- This is the classic place for a kitchen window for a good reason: nobody wants to stare at a wall when they can look outside while doing the dishes. There is another reason to put a window here, though- to function as a backsplash!
  2. Below cabinets- Putting a long horizontal window just above the counter and below the upper cabinets allows for natural light without sacrificing storage. This is also a good alternative for those without a nice view.
  3. In place of upper cabinets- For those who are lucky enough to have a beautiful vista and plenty of other space for storage, consider replacing upper cabinetry with windows along an exterior wall. And if you are a gardener, a bay window is a wonderful way to grow herbs!
  4. Above cabinets- This is another option for those without an ideal vista, or to highlight a vaulted ceiling. Also take into account the direction the windows will be facing- those oriented to the east will bring in morning light but the sun won’t be in your face when making dinner.
  5. In the corner- A unique spot to install a window that will become an architectural feature in your kitchen is a corner- and accessing the back of a corner cabinet is impossible anyway!


If you can maximize storage elsewhere, install as many windows as possible- there is no such thing as too much natural light! So call Colorado Glass Solutions of Longmont to select your new kitchen windows from our high-quality inventory and enjoy cooking in a whole new light!

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