Create Indoor/Outdoor Living Space with Glass Doors or Walls

Posted on: May 19th, 2016 by admin

Exterior Glass Doors LongmontWith the start of summer right around the corner, you’re probably planning on spending a lot more time outside and wouldn’t it be nice to bring the outdoors in as well? Nothing blends an indoor and outdoor living room better than floor to ceiling glass. Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont has a wide selection of glass door and wall styles to create the indoor/outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming of for your home.

There have been many recent developments beyond the traditional sliding patio door- now there are entire sliding or folding wall panels that totally erase the boundary between your living room and backyard. Besides literally bringing the outside in during temperate weather, these glass wall systems have the benefit of flooding your interior with natural light in the colder seasons. The configurations of glass walls can be limitless with the option to have some panels fixed and others operable along a track mounted in the floor and ceiling. Accordion systems are another very popular option- the panels can’t be as wide so you will see more vertical supports but when folded in their open position, they take up less space. And since they fold and slide together, you can open them as much or as little as you’d prefer.

If these high tech glass wall systems don’t compliment your style, there are always classic French doors or customizable traditional sliding doors. We can turn any glass door into a unique stylistic feature with custom glass finishes, etching or stained glass. Remember that adding glass always makes your home feel brighter and larger while bringing a view of the outdoors in.

Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont offers glass doors and walls to fit every budget from the best manufacturers to ensure lasting craftsmanship- call us today to design your indoor/outdoor living space!

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