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Transom Windows Add Style & Light Above Doors

Posted on: September 29th, 2017 by admin

transom windows LongmontTransom windows, which are installed above the top of a doorframe or larger window, have been around for seven centuries! Evidence from 14th Century European buildings indicate that this structural detail was used functionally for ventilation. Although this architectural detail has not been popular in the last few decades, transom windows are again being appreciated by architects and builders. If you would like to add a transom window for style or to increase natural light, Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont has a wide variety of options and can quickly install this stylish detail in your home or business.


Transom Windows FAQs

  • Also known as “transom lights”
  • Height ranges from a few inches to a couple feet
  • Usually rectangular for interior doorways
  • Typically arched, aka fanlights, for exterior entries
  • Start at $100 for non-operable vinyl, wood or aluminum frames
  • Cost increases for ventilated options or more detailed designs


When considering adding a transom window to an interior space, reminds us that the structural requirements will play a critical role in your decision. For standard eight-foot ceilings, your choices will be limited to narrow models; whereas, high ceilings can accommodate taller designs. Also, installation will be simpler in non-load bearing walls than load-bearing walls which might lead to opening up bigger sections for additional support. And if installing a transom window in an exterior wall, the additional step of weatherproofing will also be necessary.


After deciding that adding a transom window is feasible for your space, then comes the fun part of choosing your design! There are countless options available and sure to be one that compliments your building’s architecture as well as your personal decorating style.


Transom Window Styles

Arts and Crafts: diamond patterns

Tudor: diamonds and/or triangles created with X’s

Federal: sweeping curves and arches

Stained glass: geometric or natural designs


Contact the experts at Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont for ideas on how transom windows can add beauty and function to your home or business!

Installing a Skylight or Solar Tube in Longmont

Posted on: December 29th, 2016 by admin

Skylight Solar Tube LongmontDuring these short days of winter, you may be wondering how to bring more daylight into your home- adding a skylight or solar tube may be exactly what you’re looking for! Not only does opening up your ceiling to the sky give your mood a lift, but it also can increase energy efficiency. Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont installs Velux skylights and sun tunnels, and has the experience to ensure every step of the process goes smoothly.


Adding a Skylight vs. a Solar Tube

  • Skylights are offered in a wide variety of sizes, and are either fixed or vented. The size options and having the ability to open a skylight is the main advantage over a light tube.
  • Solar tubes, light tubes or sun tunnels bring daylight into a room by bouncing it down a reflective pipe. They work best in rooms where the ceiling is significantly below the roof. They have a smaller impact area but can also be combined with lighting fixtures to light the same area at night.

When deciding what type of skylight to put in, Velux has a great tool to help you visualize how your space will look with different options. Click here to use their Daylight Visualizer free software.

Installing a window to the sky is a great way to bring light into your home without having to consider privacy issues, which is especially helpful if you have close neighbors! Since this project involves roof work, it is especially important to hire a professional with attention to detail to prevent leaks and guarantee proper insulation for the highest energy efficiency. The experts at Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont have the knowledge to guide your purchase of a high quality skylight or solar tube, and the experience to install it for maximum lighting and energy efficiency.

Add Light and Beauty to Your Bathroom with a New Window

Posted on: June 27th, 2016 by admin

Bathroom windows LongmontNatural light makes every room of a home seem bigger and that bright and airy feeling is perhaps most valued in a bathroom. If you’d like to add or replace a window in any of your home’s bathrooms, Colorado Glass Solutions of Longmont has a wide selection of high quality windows that are both functional and beautiful.

5 Types of Bathroom Windows that Offer Privacy and Beauty

  1. Frosted or glass interlayers- Available in many different textures and patterns, frosted glass will obscure the interior but maximize the natural light allowed in if the top third of the pane is left clear. Sandwiching an opaque layer between two sheets of glass opens up endless possibilities as well.
  2. Upper window or skylight- For maximum privacy, place the window high on the wall or in the ceiling. Installing a skylight in the shower gives the illusion of showering outside from the comfort of inside- especially with the addition of a rainshower head!
  3. Wall- For those with a private garden or view, a floor-to-ceiling window is a must to fully enjoy the outdoor connection. For those with close neighbors, an internal light well brings the outside in but not prying eyes.
  4. Uniquely shaped- To minimize exposure but still allow a view of the sky or landscape, consider a smaller, strategically placed window.
  5. Stained glass- The high humidity in bathrooms is not the right atmosphere for works of art unless that artwork is made of glass! The glow and colors cast about the room from stained glass will create a revolving palette of beautiful light.


Opening up your bathroom to the outdoors with a well-designed window will dramatically change the ambience of the space and give you a feeling of rejuvenation. To add light and make the space feel instantly larger, let Colorado Glass Solutions of Longmont install or replace your home’s bathroom windows today!

The Longmont glass shop: Colorado Glass Solutions

Posted on: January 29th, 2016 by admin

Colorado Glass Solutions, Inc., located inGlass Shop Longmont Longmont, Colorado, specializes in shower enclosures, commercial store fronts as well as all of your residential glass needs. We have over 10 years of experience in the glass industry and are planning on many more to come. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work on some great projects and really see a space come into focus. We have had the opportunity to work with some very amazing people. As a service provider we strive to be the very best in the industry.

We are always reevaluating our process and the current styles to give our clients the absolute best options to choose from. The type and style of glass can really dictate the space and look you are going for in your project. We have plenty of options to choose from and a great selection of glass options. Make sure to include us early in the project because we have some really impressive things we can do with glass. We make sure to go over all the details to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. All of our service providers are knowledgeable and professional.

Colorado Glass is here to help with all your glass shop needs. We offer free estimates as well as customize service options. We are here to help with all of your glass shop needs in Longmont and the Front Range. Our customers can easily visit our location as we are conveniently located right off of I-25 in Longmont. You can also reach us on our website at or phone number at 303-774-8775. As glass experts, we want to provide you with excellent service at a fair price. It our goal to to give you exactly what you are looking for in your project.

Welcome to the Colorado Glass Solutions Blog!

Posted on: June 1st, 2012 by admin

We’ve enjoyed serving the front range for coming on 7 years and have had the opportunity to do some amazing jobs. In the course of those jobs, we’ve done some really cool things with glass and have had the opportunity to work with awesome customers and contractors. On that note, we’ve got a very large array of products of which we can only show a few of on the site. So, if you have an idea for glass, let us help you make it a reality.

I’ll try to be good about posting, so stop back by and check out the blog for the latest news, jobs we’ve done, and interesting information.