Bring the Outside In with a Bay or Bow Window

Posted on: May 25th, 2017 by admin

bay window bow window LongmontIf you are looking to bring the outside in, create more seating or flood a room with light, there is no better solution than having Colorado Glass Solutions of Longmont install a bay or bow window! Bay windows are angular, and can be square, hexagonal or octagonal, while bow windows form a more graceful curve. Continue reading below about the differences between bay and bow windows, according to Pella’s Comparison Guide.


Bay vs. Bow Window

Size: A bay window is usually made up of one large center window with two more narrow panels on either side; 40 inches or more is needed for installation. At least 80 inches is needed for a bow window, which is comprised of four or more panels.

Ventilation: While bow windows can designed with vented options, it is a less common feature which also means more expensive. The main purpose of a bow window is to add an elegant architectural detail, so bulky opening mechanisms detracts from the style. However, bay windows are typically made to open for circulation.

Light: Bow windows have less framing and more panes of glass, and therefore let in slightly more light than bay windows. Still, both types of windows are excellent at capturing light throughout the day from their different angles.

Purpose: If you would like a larger area to sit, bay windows provide more area by extending further out from the house. If your main purpose for installing this type of window is to take advantage of the view or bring in more light, bow windows are wider and can also be installed around a corner.

Cost: This is where the two options are most similar, both typically costing between $4,000-$5,000.


Depending on your main priority for the room- either enjoying more of the view or creating a cozy sitting area, there is a bay or bow window option that will fit your style and budget. Installing a bay or bow window through Colorado Glass Solutions in Longmont will transform a room from the inside and out, bringing in tons more natural light and adding a beautiful architectural detail to your home!

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