Add Light and Beauty to Your Bathroom with a New Window

Posted on: June 27th, 2016 by admin

Bathroom windows LongmontNatural light makes every room of a home seem bigger and that bright and airy feeling is perhaps most valued in a bathroom. If you’d like to add or replace a window in any of your home’s bathrooms, Colorado Glass Solutions of Longmont has a wide selection of high quality windows that are both functional and beautiful.

5 Types of Bathroom Windows that Offer Privacy and Beauty

  1. Frosted or glass interlayers- Available in many different textures and patterns, frosted glass will obscure the interior but maximize the natural light allowed in if the top third of the pane is left clear. Sandwiching an opaque layer between two sheets of glass opens up endless possibilities as well.
  2. Upper window or skylight- For maximum privacy, place the window high on the wall or in the ceiling. Installing a skylight in the shower gives the illusion of showering outside from the comfort of inside- especially with the addition of a rainshower head!
  3. Wall- For those with a private garden or view, a floor-to-ceiling window is a must to fully enjoy the outdoor connection. For those with close neighbors, an internal light well brings the outside in but not prying eyes.
  4. Uniquely shaped- To minimize exposure but still allow a view of the sky or landscape, consider a smaller, strategically placed window.
  5. Stained glass- The high humidity in bathrooms is not the right atmosphere for works of art unless that artwork is made of glass! The glow and colors cast about the room from stained glass will create a revolving palette of beautiful light.


Opening up your bathroom to the outdoors with a well-designed window will dramatically change the ambience of the space and give you a feeling of rejuvenation. To add light and make the space feel instantly larger, let Colorado Glass Solutions of Longmont install or replace your home’s bathroom windows today!

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